My professional focus is around social media marketing and communities: nurturing, building, collaborating, listening, enabling, discussing (sometimes arguing…) and doing what I can to recognize that behind these interactions lie human beings with lives, problems, significant others, bills, jobs and sometimes pets.  Social media is a toolset, but it is still about people.  Human-to-Human (#H2H) communication and authenticity are central to building relationships and trust, without which businesses and communities will fail.  With those firmly in my sights, I started my company, Social Sapiens.

I graduated with a Master of Communication in Digital Media degree from University of Washington in 2011. I have numerous interests including music (classical and jazz mostly; I was a professional musician in a previous life), Christian spirituality, classic and bad (MST3K-grade) movies, and creating jewelry. I am a fairly devoted Kindle fanatic and I really enjoy sitting on my patio during the 12 15 days every year when it’s nice in Seattle.

All opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of any of the organizations I work for or associate with, with the exception of Social Sapiens. We kind of inseparable….

As I continue on this journey, my aim for this blog/thought space is to bring my experiences to relevance in a publication I hope is found to be helpful and valuable.  Most will be about business, leadership  and recognition of the ‘humanness’ required to remain centered and aware in a digital world….with an occasional rant, if appropriate.

I grew up in central Iowa and enjoy traveling all over.  Two of my favorite places remain Hawaii and Vienna…oh, and I really want to spend more time in Paris, too.

I also am owned by five cats who are probably ready to eat now…..oh, yeah….like I have to ask…..

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