Intriguing item – FaceBook and Twitter use in the Enterprise

<eWeek> Facebook, Twitter Use in the Enterprise Sparks Hot Debate – In the face of a Gartner report that says that corporations shouldn’t ban Social applications like Twitter, debate rages over their benefits, challenges, and launches a side debate on whether or not people can ACTUALLY multi-task (the answer is no….).

Intriguing items – DRM run amok

<ZDNET>: A look at risk-reward: Apple may nuke apps on your iPhone remotely – apparently Apple feels that its iPhone customers won’t mind if apps they have installed and opted-into just “go away”.  It’s a FEATURE….the blogger posting this feels that Apple (DRM) wins.  Zittrain might disagree….

<CNET>: Much ado about the iPhone’s ‘kill-switch’ – More on this same thing. The writer here says we should all just wait and see what actually happens and/or what Apple’s explanation is….

Intriguing news items

Just wanted to share:

<WEBWARE>: New search engine Cuil takes aim at Google – A challenger in approach to relevance and ranking.

<CNET>: When worlds collide: Microsoft funds Apache – …you read it right.

<CRAVE>: Five ways to make digital music sing – Advocating audiophile digital recordings….what else are you going place on 60-80 GB of space?