10 Important Fears You Can Challenge

Man expressing horror


Are you scared?

Never mind what it is you’re scared of…..are you scared? How does this drive your life decisions and your business?

I was reminded several days ago about something I said in a conversation with a colleague: “Most problems in business stem from one simple emotion: fear.”

Many of us don’t recognize this, as it can be very subtle. It can hide behind what we feel is desire, responsibility, and sometimes “doing the right thing.” Overt fears are a bit easier to recognize, but can be just as hard to manage.  So much has to do with how much attention you give the fear, especially in relation to how much actual, real control you have over what drives it. The fear derives its strength from this perceived helplessness….no one wants to feel at the mercy of things, but when we confront that fact (lack of actual control), we get even more scared and grasp at almost anything to try and “regain” control, even though it’s not possible.

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