Take the blanket off your creativity

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I had lunch today with a close friend and colleague.  Among other things (children, pets, home improvements, unusual heat in Seattle [which was about 86 degrees or so]…) we talked about getting bored.  She’s has been with the same business unit doing much the same kind of job for nearly 7 years.  She likes her work well enough, but feels, as she put it, “too comfortable”.  It’s not that good things aren’t happening with her particular product or that there isn’t enough to keep her busy.  It’s just that the challenges she faces now fill a kind of “Top 25 Things You Do In This Job” place in her mind.

We started talking about opportunities to move to other business groups or even to other companies.  The conversation got very animated and the creative juices started to flow a little more quickly.  It’s obvious that she’s got tons of creativity to spare and aims it, as she can, at the problems in front of her.  But there’s more there…the workflow that she has for her current role has well-worn grooves (often called ruts…) and it works best when following the grooves.

I believe that taking a bright, creative person from one place and placing them in another “takes the blanket” off of their creativity, and the business can benefit mightily in the move.

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