Reflection – Learning Goals

Identifying my learning goals for the Net-Centric Economics class has required my spending a little more time drilling down into my own thoughts more specifically than I might normally. I generally approach learning with a very open mind and with seemingly vague expectations. This can have the effect of allowing me to identify interesting directions and goals as I go and keep me from “rat-holing” my study by only looking for the things that I really am trying to find; this enables “found knowledge and insight” in my opinion and experience. Unfortunately, it can also have the effect of causing me to float through a learning experience without as much direction as might be helpful. So, this has been a helpful exercise.

That having been said, my goals include:

  • Refreshing my acquaintance with economic concepts
  • Studying, analyzing, discussing and critiquing the state of social networking, “free” media and Internet-based business models and economies.
  • Gaining insight into how these economies and models impact my business today and how to embrace them to enhance and grow my business in the future
  • Having my beliefs, understanding, knowledge and opinions in these areas broadened, strengthened, challenged and deepened
  • Reading and digesting core, current material and thought in these areas
  • Enjoying myself!

 I know that I haven’t spoken up much so far (there has only been one class….), but my normal social learning model is to observe the dynamics, gain a certain modicum of comfort, and then start speaking up. You will be hearing from me.Since this course is the first for me in this program, I’m extremely excited about this and am looking forward to everything about it.

One thought on “Reflection – Learning Goals

  1. Hi, Jeff …. a perfect quarter would mean that by the last class, everyone feels empowered and comfortable in group discussions. 🙂

    We’ll touch on the social and the network … starting tonight.

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