Leaders in non-profits: yes, it’s a business!

My final project for my Leadership in the Digital Age course was a video featuring portions of two interviews I conducted with two people that I left qualified as authentic leaders: Dr. Jim AuBuchon, president and CEO of the Puget Sound Blood Center (Seattle, WA) and president of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), and Dr. Scott Dudley, senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, WA.  One of the reasons these two organizations fascinated me is that, while being non-profits, they are both rather sizable organizations with sizable membership and budgets to match….not the way one might initially view a blood bank or a church.


Leader X.0–Non-profits

During the course of these excerpts, these two leaders share some early leadership experiences, how social media and digital media influence their leaderships styles, and their guiding philosophies.

Future installments will return to these two leaders as well as include interviews with several others I have met so far.

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