3 Things You Tell Yourself to Keep Your Business Off of Facebook

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No Facebook

No Facebook

A few years ago I wrote an article providing “Three Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be On Facebook.” With the acceleration and change that has taken place online in the intervening period, I feel this needs updating and a slightly different point of view, so here are 3 Things You Tell Yourself to Keep Your Business Off of Facebook:
  • “Facebook is nothing but fake news, selfies, pictures of food (and cats…) and vile comments about politics, religion and the like. I don’t need that!” – Why are there Facebook Business pages? Why are over 65 Million businesses on Facebook? Why do over 85% of all US companies over 100 employees use Facebook? Businesses are driving awareness, building credibility, selling products and services, getting referrals and recommendations, delivering customer service, and engaging in a meaningful and valuable way with their audiences. Since Facebook users are human beings, and these people are holistic (that is, not living in pretend silos of personal / professional), they may have opened Facebook to check on a friend or to keep up with a favorite cause, but they are also a potential customer for your business at the same time. With the right strategy, aligned with your business and marketing plans, you can deliver a digital experience on your Facebook page that will boost your business…even without fake news or cat photos!

  • “I tried working with a business page and creating some ads, but nothing happened, so it’s not for my business.” – Having a Business page for the express purpose of creating ads misses the opportunity of building relationships with your audience that translate into calls and sales over time. Ads by definition are for selling, and no one goes onto the Internet to be sold to. Think about the brands you buy from (or through) on the Internet. Did you ever click on an ad from a company you’d never heard of and bought something? More likely you “got to know them” in a digital way first, even if they were recommended by a friend, family member, or colleague. That company had to gain your trust first before you’d part with your hard-earned cash for their product! This became an even MORE critical process if you were considering going to this new product from another product you already had….why choose them?  The business page management has to align with your goals and be part of a larger process of marketing your company. Solid planning, research, intelligent use of the tools and reports you can get will deliver the kind of real business value you’re looking for.
  • “All I see are videos, and if that what it takes, I can’t do that. I can’t afford it.” – Videos are “the thing“, it’s true. Studies show that users on Facebook are much more likely to respond to video that even a graphic or photo. The compelling, entertaining, and valuable rules for any content apply to video the same as to any great content that you want to reach out and grab attention, cutting through the noise of all the other stuff people can pay attention to.
Here are a few articles for you to to get a better understanding of the Why of this phenomena for social media marketing:
Here are some resources for getting started with video that you can do today:
Keep in mind, the content still needs to be GREAT! You should get some help from a videographer if you want to up your game, but the story and and the value have to be the starting point. A great looking video with no story, twelfth-rate ideas and no point still won’t work. Beautiful story-telling, mind-cracking value and a little creativity in a video shot with your phone can have a HUGE affect.

Stop telling yourself you can’t do it or it’s not worth it.


You CAN do it and it IS worth it!


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