Intriguing items – DRM run amok

<ZDNET>: A look at risk-reward: Apple may nuke apps on your iPhone remotely – apparently Apple feels that its iPhone customers won’t mind if apps they have installed and opted-into just “go away”.  It’s a FEATURE….the blogger posting this feels that Apple (DRM) wins.  Zittrain might disagree….

<CNET>: Much ado about the iPhone’s ‘kill-switch’ – More on this same thing. The writer here says we should all just wait and see what actually happens and/or what Apple’s explanation is….

2 thoughts on “Intriguing items – DRM run amok

  1. This is not exactly generative. Can you imagine what would happen if Microsoft suggested that they be able to blow away apps that are added to one of their OSes?

  2. It is interesting to note that there are enterprise management tools that will allow companies to do this for their employees. For example, you have your phone/PDA sync’d with your desktop mail, contacts, perhaps a sales application, etc. and it gets stolen or lost. Once you report this to your IT admin, they may remotely wipe the device so the data is no longer at risk. However, for Microsoft to presume to do that….uh, no…not so much.

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