Trends Project – Early idea

I would like to look at generational “dial tone” communications technologies.  By this I refer to the technologies, platforms and “take it for granted” habits and actions each generation has about communications.This project would also entail a forecast as to what the next “dial tone” might be.

6 thoughts on “Trends Project – Early idea

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  2. I’m not sure I understand what dial tone you are referring to…I sort of thought I did but your reference threw me. I think you need to be a bit more specific and focused.

  3. Hi, Jeff:

    I think the idea of a wiFi network as ubiquitous as the dial tone is an interesting one. Your “past” will probably be the dial tone, as the telephone was the first personal wired network (although even the telephone did not start out as an individual’s network but one for businesses). It’s possible that the mobile phone might be your “past” because one of its claims to fame is breaking the wire, ie, the tether to a physical location.

  4. You are going to need to be very specific for sure. I agree that WiFi feels like it would be a fit for what you are trying for. Maybe even Blue Tooth as a personal area network?

  5. I only know what you mean because you shared this in our small group in the first class. 🙂 Since I’m not familiar with your particular interests though, it’s hard for me to make a recommendation of what you should focus on, or offer any real assistance just yet. But I do think it’s an interesting premise: What blows us away today or in the near future that the next generation takes for granted. Intriguing!

  6. WiFi seems like a reasonable future “dial tone” … or perhaps something related to video. Video is fast becoming a necessary tool for communications, especially in business.

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