Final Project Idea – Taking it for granted: Wi-Fi as a ‘Dial Tone’


Each leap and evolution in technologies and the socialization of them creates expectations of a standard.  One example is “land line” telephony.  The dial tone is the first noise you hear when you lift the phone from the cradle, if the line is working.  If you do not hear the dial tone, you know something is wrong, but you expect to hear a dial tone and generally do not notice it otherwise.  Other examples of technologies we expect to just “be there” include television, radio and, more currently, connectivity, both wireless and cell.

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Trends Project – Citation and article

My first search using some UW Library tools brought me this article.  The citation looks like this:

Schmidt, T., Townsend, A. (2003). Why Wi-Fi wants to be free. Communications of the ACM, Volume 46 (issue 5), pg. 47 – 52

I will be using this article as it discusses a grass-roots movement around building a wireless network that is pervasive and free.