6 thoughts on “Connectivity Wants to Be Free – Conversations and Expectations

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  2. Very interesting presentation. You raise very good points about how we communicate and how we are expected to communicate as technologies change.

  3. 10 minutes definitely not enough for this interesting topic. Great presentation. By the wy, I like that you put your contact info on credit page.

  4. I liked using conversation expectations as a theme to tie together the technological changes. Nice slide flow, juxtaposing the images on one screen – uniform visual themes, complementing what you were saying. Well presented.

  5. You worked really well with the time constrains. With technology, I always wonder what will be next! I really enjoyed your presentation, well done!

  6. Jeff,
    I like animation in the presentation made it more interesting. Your speech is very fluent and clear to present your idea. The long pause in the end is a good way to encouraging your audience to think.
    you got all the presentation skills.
    Wireless technology is an interesting area to dig into.
    One question, in your research do you see the current service carrier provide one house hold one service and one payment model disappear with free service everywhere anytime? I am looking forward for that day to come đŸ™‚

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