Short and…….sweet?

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When I sit down to write, my first instinct is to spend time noodling on a topic I might have captured previously or something that I’m confronting or working through right now. I feel that somehow whatever I could come up with in a stream-of-consciousness sessions might resemble a walk through an unsightly neighborhood and not have much coherence. I need to give myself a break and realize that there is more coherence to following a path of thought than I give credit to the desire to write.

This is just such a post.

I hit paralysis pretty quickly, it seems, when sitting to write, although I enjoy it and never fail to discover something about myself in the process.  Still, I am somewhat easily distracted (or so it seems).  I think my personal definition of “easily distracted” needs re-evaluation. I’m not trying to rewrite “War and Peace” here.  I just want to capture some thought or thoughts I feel strongly about, that are authentic to my experience and might be valuable to others, and post them.  My colleague Tac Anderson has made it clear that his blog is an experiment that we all take part it, and I like that approach.  I have many different aspects to who I am that can be expressed, and the experimental nature of his approach appeals to me.

So I will say that this is normal…..for today.

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2 thoughts on “Short and…….sweet?

  1. Think of each post as a start to a conversation, a work in progress or a rough draft and your readers are your editors, your sounding board. And yes, test each of those personas of yours off that sounding board and listen for what comes back. In my experience the process is far more gratifying and beautiful than the finished product.

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