Survey Says!!

The best way to find out what your customers are looking for from you is ASK THEM, Right?! Well, that’s the message this week.

I’ve written frequently about the importance of really listening to your customers and acting on what you hear. Now you have your chance to participate, and I have a chance to “Walk The Talk”: I am announcing the first ever survey for my blog.  The objective is to provide you with more of the kind of information and conversation you actually find valuable to you and your business.

As I look at the articles for this year that have been the most read, the Top Five are:





If I only go by these numbers, it appears that more of you find my articles about communication, dialogue skills and the business implications of customer experience of interest than what I’ll call “standard social media / digital marketing” articles. However, I will not take stats and trends as the final truth (although they do show important data for me…).

So, I’m putting together a survey that the readers of my newsletter will be receiving over the next two weeks. The survey will close on November 30 at Noon Pacific Standard time.  If you wish to take part in it, you will need to be a subscriber of my newsletter. If you aren’t yet, please go to my site at and shortly you will receive a pop-up to join the newsletter (if that doesn’t happen, for some reason, go to my Contact page at and use it to sign-up).  I am designing the survey so it will not take any more than 2-3 minutes for you to complete, if that. There will be some click-choices you can make, or you may let me know of other things you’d like to learn about in a bit more free-form manner. I will also be asking you to provide your email address on the survey, so I can make sure some exuberant voice doesn’t pack the ballot box!

I will also share with you what I find in the results. This will be quite interesting…Please take part in this, as I truly am interested in hearing from you and writing more about what you wish to hear from me.

Remember: look for the link to the survey (it will be on Survey Monkey) in the newsletter!

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