Video Success and the Right Metrics – Best of March

Lamb of March

Lamb of March suju / Pixabay

March is going out like something like a lamb here in the Pacific Northwest…but the turmoil online with data protection concerns, Facebook revelations, and announced data breaches (apps, sites, phones….seems to happen everywhere….) draws more and more attention. Turning from these concerns a bit, this month’s top articles put some focus back on tips and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the digital marketing world.

The Right Metrics?

The Right Metrics?

Thankfully, a lot of companies have moved past the “vanity metrics” problem of a few years ago. Still, to move past that to the numbers that truly reflect your online goals and move the needle for you business requires some research and work with an expert. Doing so will REALLY PAY OFF, so don’t shirk this….

Video Success!

Video Success!

It’s no secret that the present and future of strong engagement is video (February was VIDEO MONTH at Social Sapiens. You can read the articles on how-to create the plan, get the right equipment, broadcasting LIVE, and what to do afterwards RIGHT HERE!). However, there are any number of approaches to doing it RIGHT for your business, and likely don’t involve an enormous investment in hardware….although, again, DOING IT RIGHT will require some work and perhaps engaging an expert to help. If you really want to have an impact, you can’t afford to roll around, investing resources ineffectively.

SEO Habits

SEO Habits mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Many business owners are well aware of how frequently social media rules and interfaces change, but miss that the same can be said of search engine alterations, updates and assumptions. You need to revisit your SEO for your online presence regularly, as well as drop old habits, to make sure that you aren’t accidentally losing ground.



Most business owners give at least lip service to listening to their customers and partners. Still, it can slip from importance, especially when our tendency is to blast through that person-to-person engagement so we can get onto the “next thing” on the tight schedule, whatever that may be. Big mistake…..

Facebook News!

Facebook News!

In between the “by design” changes announced in January and the responsive changes and blowback from the recent problems surrounding data security, businesses are nervous about their metrics there and if / when they need to look beyond Facebook. Still, with 2+ billion users worldwide, it’s hard to ignore the remaining value for a business to “get it right” on Facebook. This article does a nice snapshot analysis of some key high-level metrics, and then goes over some observed changes in what’s going on there and how that may or may not impact your business.

Definitely worth the time to read and consider…..

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