Social Media Blunders and Challenges, GDPR, and Just Keeping Up – Best of May

Best of May

Best of May

The month of May provided a bumper crop of great articles, and this is a concise digest of the best ones for your business!  They touch on meeting the challenges of social media marketing, as well as the things to avoid, the impact that the GDPR might have on your business, and how to keep up with the constant changes and new information available almost every minute (without going nuts…).



It’s just as important to learn and know what NOT to do as it is to pick up the best practices….in many cases these kinds of tips have been gained by, shall we say, “learning the hard way!” Take advantage of others’ hard lessons and make the right moves.

Face the Challenges

Face the Challenges

Beyond the “What NOT to do…” tips, there are the recognized challenges that confront all digital marketing. This in-depth report lines up the key challenges (“opportunities” in the marketing lexicon!) and presents several strategies and tactics you will find valuable in navigating your way to success in this wildly dynamic arena.

GDPR for Marketing

GDPR for Marketing

You have probably been getting bombarded with a LOT of email notes from various sites and newsletters for the past several weeks or months, thank to the May 25 “go-live” of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that the European Union has instituted. It concerns data protection and privacy for all individuals in the EU and the the export of data outside of the EU. This impacts an enormous number of businesses located outside of the EU, due to the international nature of the Internet. How might it impact your marketing? This guide will give you an idea of that…



Content marketing – it is NOT just for marketing agencies and huge multi-nationals with entire marketing departments. One key point to consider from the article: “It’s important for small-business owners to note that 70 percent of customers would rather learn about a company through an article over any kind of advertisement (emphasis mine). A lot of customers are out there actively looking for that valuable content.” This article not only gives you some answers to “Why?”, but some examples, too.

The Fire Hose

The Fire Hose

The primary reason I put together these digest mails every months is because of the difficulty small business owners have in keeping up with the insane pace of change in the world of digital marketing and the problem of cutting through the HUGE number of articles posted every month to get to “the good stuff” they can use. This article covers some other ways you can incorporate into your routine to stay relevant and informed without hurting yourself!

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