Get Facebook Ads Right, Engage, and Stretch Those ‘Little Grey Cells’!! – Best of November


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November allowed us all a chance to be Thankful, and then take a deep breath as we dive into the pre-Christmas / New Year period. Depending on your business, this may be the best and most hectic time of year, or things may cool down a bit while your customers work out their plans for 2019. This months’ “Best Of…” articles cover some important pieces to get right when using ads on Facebook, honing your LinkedIn presence, some recommendations for video-editing apps (since video is on your content list for 2019, right?), and several other goodies for you!

Of course, you don’t just slap something together, point it at your credit card and hit PUBLISH, right? Pause for a moment and go down this handy checklist, and your success rate is likely to improve….

Facebook Again

Facebook Again

Along with the checklist above, here are 3 tips from the pros to make sure you hit those targets for your ads and optimize your investment.


Everything from connections to promotions to messaging……not EVERYTHING you need to know, but some pretty useful tricks you may not have been able to pick up anywhere else.  There’s probably at least 2 or 3 here you can leverage, and maybe more!

Video Tools

Video Tools

As video becomes more a default for businesses of all types and sizes, having the “right tools for the right job” becomes ever more important. This article gives you a run-down of the best tools available for video right now…

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

I get this question all the time: “Which social media platform should my business be on? …And why that one (or two)?” While not a super in-depth analysis, this will help you ask the right questions per platform so you don’t end up wasting resources (which, of course, no one can afford, right?).

"Follow Us" = Engagement?

“Follow Us” = Engagement?

It is, and has really always been, about conversation and engagement. This article and report can help you wrap your head around this for social media and then apply it to your business….


Pexels / Pixabay

Want to take a fuzzy glance into the crystal ball of social media for 2019? Here you go!!!!

BOOKS: Ideas Bound

BOOKS: Ideas Bound

Valeria Maltoni is an expert I have the privilege of knowing, and have been reading and following her writing for a number of years. Her articles combine her unique expertise, wide ranging curiosity and sense of dialogue in a way that I’ve not seen with anyone else. A few times a year she publishes a reading list of the books that she has found surprising, unique, and help probe further into the possibilities of culture and business. This article is her most current list of books, and well worth putting on your reading list!

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