Maybe a Start

A recent conversation with myself:

ME: I know that I want to write more, but my mind and attention are pudding, frankly….

ME2: Well, you know the power of stories. Tell a story of some kind…

ME: About what?

ME2: You’re telling me that after all this time and life, you don’t have any stories to tell?

ME: No, that’s not the problem. The problem is I have plenty of stories, but most of them are only interesting to me. That plus I don’t think most of them have a point or “something to learn/ponder”, other than, “Well, that happened…..”.

ME2: Remember that thought experiment that Dr. White taught you back in college when you were composing so much music? The one where you were getting ready to hear a piece that you wrote for the first time?

ME: Yeah I remember it. I sit down in the auditorium, the conductor comes out, steps to the podium, raises her baton, conducts the first beat and…..then what I hear coming from the stage is what I’m to compose.

ME2: Well, imagine that you’ve already written whatever it is you’re going to write, you’ve published it, and now you visit the web page or newsletter or book where it is and decide to “read it with new eyes.” You open the media, adjust your glasses, and start with the first words….

ME: OK. I get it. Uff-dah. I’ll give it a shot and see what happens…

Stay tuned for some of the results…..

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