3 Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn’t be on Facebook

It’s true…..despite the knee-jerk desire to get your business into social media and “everyone’s on Facebook”, it may not be a good idea for you.  Here are three reasons:

1. You don’t have time to post anything interesting: A business page lives or dies by visits and interaction, not ‘Likes’. If the last time you posted anything was 4 months ago and it was camera shot of the front of your office or a copy of your logo, you can bet no one has returned to see what else you’ve published.  Sure, you’re busy actually ‘doing’ your business, but part of you business is marketing. If you are unable to share things that your clients and prospects find relevant, you should retire your page.

2. Your customers aren’t really aware of your business on Facebook: True….untold numbers of people are on Facebook. Staying in touch with friends, playing games, sharing pictures, expressing opinions…the whole gamut. But are your customers “there”? Do they know you’re there? If you have been trying to make your personal Facebook page (the one with the pictures of your fishing boat or the visit to the crafts fair with your family) do double duty as your company page (with event announcements, coupons and the like), they probably can’t find your business. If they can’t find your business, then your efforts are wasted.

3. You have a really hard time staying ‘business focused’ on Facebook: Having a window on you PC open to Facebook is an invitation to online Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). With all the feeds, ads, pictures, ‘link-bait‘ articles, videos, messaging from friends and family, and, if you’re so inclined, games, it is extremely easy to get pulled into a much longer session than you intended when you told yourself you were just going to check on the performance of that post you made last night.  Besides, you’ve been working non-stop for a few hours, you deserve a quick mental break right?…..
You can overcome each of these challenges. HEY!…so maybe you DO belong on Facebook after all……

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