Are You Really Thrilled With That Visit?

NPS Ranger greets visitors at the visitor cent...

NPS Ranger greets visitors at the visitor center front desk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think about when you hear the word “visitors?”

Context can provide you with different pictures…
If you are sitting in a meeting at work and your boss introduces a couple of people at the front with her as “visitors from headquarters,” your thoughts may turn to why someone from corporate came to visit your office in the hinterlands. They might be new managers acquainting themselves with the company, consultants that will be working with you, or the dreaded HR reps….

If you’re sitting with some friends at a coffee shop or pub and another friend walks over with a couple of others and introduces them as visitors, the slate is even cleaner. Other than these people arriving with your friend you have no context, so you await further information and perhaps have an open mind as to why they are visiting and how they relate to your friend.

If you’re at a special group or community place (think service club like Rotary, or house of worship, or your book club at the library….) and one of the members introduces a couple of people as visitors, then you have a single piece of potentially common information. Whatever the given group or community place, one of your immediate assumptions is that they have that much in common with the other members. Beyond that, you really don’t know much about them other than what you can see.

If you are looking at the numbers from your web site, Facebook Business page or some other site that have the header of “Visitors” you have a context that both classifies and depersonalizes them.  Unlike the first two examples, you have no faces and no connection to them other than they visited your site or page. It also provides only a single piece of information that can allow you to prejudge them: they “hit” your site or page.

Compared to the other examples, and your internalized definition of the concept of “visitor”, what can you understand about these people and how they impact your business (in THAT context)?  How do you treat them?  Where do they belong when you consider the customer journey? Or are you happy with just a visit?

How many visitors are just a “one shot deal?” Depending on your analytics, you can see the difference between Visitors and Unique Visitors, and a bit of location info, but what do you know about them? You can see what referred them to you, and maybe the search terms they used to find you, but what then? What can you do to get them to return….to become more than another visitor? To look around on your page a bit longer, visit other pages on your site, download than free checklist, maybe sign-up for your newsletter?
You can be remarkable!! You can connect with them by providing something of value, something they are looking for, something that resonates with their needs, passions and curiosity.
What do you have that can do that? Find that, give it to them, then get ready to start building that relationship.

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