The 5 Superior Social Media Posts in April!

The changes to and evolution of the online world never stops…..hence the usual flood of news and tips available. So, for April, here are the articles that really caught my attention!

Facebook 20 percent rule

Look! No Text!

  • Facebook’s 20% Rule – Gone, Not Gone :: Everyone who has ever slammed their head against the desk after submitting their boost or ad for approval on Facebook, only to have it rejected due the dreaded “20% Rule”, cheers this change! However, you need to read the new standard VERY CLOSELY to see what it has morphed into so you don’t get caught in the turbulence.

Facebook Ad tips

Like it, Love it, Share it…

  • 7 Facebook Ad Tips That Will Help Improve Conversions :: Paid advertising is becoming an essential part of business social media campaigns as organic reach becomes more and more difficult. If you’ve done any work in paid advertising, you have come to realize that composing the perfect Facebook ad isn’t easy. Every ad is different and every audience has different needs.  If you want to start improving your conversion rates and begin lowering your cost-per-clicks then read on for some key tips.


What's Next for Social Media Marketing

Look into that Social Media crystal ball….

  • What’s Next for Social Media: Anticipating Changes in the Online World [Infographic]  :: A good infographic can convey key information AND be entertaining. This one provided as part of an article by Irfan Ahmad (a fellow worth following….) cracks open the crystal ball a bi to take a look at where we might be heading for the rest of 2016. Trends are good to stay on top of, as they can directly impact the value your business is getting in its social media marketing and strategy.
Color Psychology in Marketing

Color can direct your head…

10 Digital Marketing Metrics

Measure, measure, measure….

  • 10 Simple and Reliable Digital Marketing Metrics :: Measurement if critical to success, as you already know. Some measures are more reliable than others, and you REALLY WANT reliable, right? This information-packed article by Rahul Alim gives you the What, Why and How to some of the most common and foundational out there.

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