TOP POSTS for October – Crammed with Proven Treats!

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With October comes the oncoming onslaught of the Holidays! This brings into focus how to get the most out of your social media and digital marketing so your business can go seriously into the BLACK for the season. The top articles for the month cover everything from SEO to Facebook Referrals and, in the season of BUYING AND SELLING, whether caring really matters.
Optimize Video

Optimize Video

Unless you haven’t been online in the past, oh, ten years or so, you are aware of just how popular to users and critical to businesses video is now. There is much more to leveraging video for you business than a quick snippet taken from your phone or a flash report on Facebook Live. Since video is so pervasive, you need to optimize your content….and one size does NOT fit every channel!


Keyword Research

Research is central to staying focused on your business growth, the strategies you may use for SEO, and staying up with your VACC (Visitors/Audience/Customers/Community). Keywords are not magic, but know how to do some basic research will help you understand their importance, along with knowing when to bring in an expert.

Facebook Referrals

It can be tempting to use things that worked for you before. Sometimes that works, but if you try to use referral strategies on Facebook that worked with newspaper and TV ads, or even billboards, you’re in for a bad experience. This primer on on how to use Facebook for referrals is a GREAT place to start to understand how to leverage it’s strengths for your business.
Measure Social Media Reach

Measure Social Media Reach

Measurement on social media used to consist of a lot of “magical thinking” and hoping that LIKES meant something more. Now the data are much more rich (there’s actually almost too much data!) and it becomes a matter of focusing on the metrics that matter for your business. This article focuses on four potential objective and the metrics you should choose for each.

Google Facts for You!

Google is almost as tough a target to keep in your sights as Facebook! This article’s infographic lists out twelve facts that will boggle your mind.


This article asks the question, “Is caring the foundation of a trustworthy business?”


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