Facebook Live Video and the Point – Best of February

Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video


In the face of the January announcement by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, a LOT of brain power has been focused on just what this means for business. One of the early analyses posited that live video, already a big player online, will become even MORE important. Hence the Video heavy listing with this month’s edition of the BEST!

Start that LIVE VIDEO!

Start that LIVE VIDEO!

Like any valuable effort, you need to plan and prepare. Making streaming video is no exception, especially when it can be portrayed as “point-click-talk” by casual users. Your resources are valuable, and you need to spend a BIT MORE up front to GET MORE in the return!

video live button


All set? Got your favorite beverage? One last look in the mirror? HIT THE BUTTON! The whole process, and what you can do to leverage your great work AFTER you’ve gone off the air, is covered in this article. SMILE!!!!

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

This infographic covers some intriguing tips for leveraging all kinds of video. To whet your appetite: “Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%” and “your brand is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google when you use videos.” What are you waiting for?!
Facebook customers

Facebook customers?

Being everywhere online for the small business has not been a good strategy. Instead, many look at “the elephant in the room”, Facebook, and decide THAT’S where they’ll spend their precious resources. Many times they’re right, but you want to make sure about that. THAT is the focus of this article….be where your audience is!
Next Social Network

The Next Social Network

No, this isn’t about SnapChat, Tublr, WeChat, WhatsApp, or other trending social apps and networks. This about what should be actually happening (what social promised us, actually…) there…..conversation.

Hungry for information and dialogue in other areas of the wild world of digital and social?

Let me know!

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