You are Very, Very Good at what you do!
That’s one of the reasons you started your business. You’re good at it and you love to do it. So, becoming your own boss seemed like the way to focus in on this passion and expertise, and deliver the benefits to others who are willing to pay you for it. Seems simple, right?

You read a few books, talked to some other friends and maybe even a few other business owners….even took a class or seminar. They shared their experiences and support for this move in your professional life and told you, “GO FOR IT!” You did some research and maybe even made your proof-of-concept available to some people, getting feedback and valuable input. None of this was easy, and you discovered a few things that set you back a bit and maybe even discouraged you, but you are determined….no turning back!

However now something is starting to happen….you’re starting to get a feeling that you don’t really have a great handle on all the things you need to launch a successful business and then grow it. The more you find out, the more you find out you don’t know….and they’re not just random bits here and there. Whole swathes of information and expertise will take much more attention and focus than you thought, and, in fact, cut pretty badly into the time and effort you know it will take just to create and deliver your product. Your discovery of the “not enough hours in the day“, although you had heard about it, catches you right between the eyes. Your performance, and that of your company, is already suffering from this drain. What will you do?

I recently read an article by Valeria Maltoni (well worth the read) about what motivates us, incentives, and the counter-intuitive studies done about performance and incentives. In this article she refers to Dan Pink’s work and lists three factors that lead to better performance:

  1. Autonomy – or the desire to direct our own lives
  2. Mastery – the urge to get better and better at something that matters
  3. Purpose – the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves
Direct these factors to your business in this scenario:

  1. Autonomy – This desire is one of the foundations of what drives an entrepreneur. Captain of your fate! Change course when you need or want to! Stand tall and proud! However, if you ask for assistance, are you crippling your autonomy, or better enabling it? Depends on your ego, frankly. Random assistance with no real decisive direction isn’t help, it’s baggage. You need a strategy and an awareness of the kinds of expertise you DON’T have (but NEED) to be able to prioritize the engagement of help BEFORE you need it. Looking for the exits AFTER the fire has engulfed the theater is not a good plan….
  2. Mastery – As I mentioned you are Very Good at what you do. Excellent! Your ongoing drive for further mastery in your passion is one of the things that your customers are paying for, after all. But no one is a master at everything, and if you are a Master Level Technician in the manufacture and delivery of widgets (or widget services…), you may not be so great at, say, bookkeeping or marketing. Not to say that incorporating what you learn generally into your own business knowledge isn’t a good thing, but the level of expertise needed to manage a business financially and legally will probably require you to subscribe to a bookkeeping service, hire a lawyer, or bring a consultant on board for awhile. Let their mastery strengthen your business, enlighten your approach to what you’re doing, and allow you the resources needed to focus on your own Mastery, which, like I mentioned, is what your customers are paying you for.
  3. Purpose – Humans are created with a desire for interconnectedness (or community) with each other, all the way from your BFF to the Greater Club of Mankind. Connecting to something larger than ourselves, whatever that may be, is something that truly inspires us to better performance and a “higher calling,” if you will. Many times we’ll make creative leaps and drive ourselves harder in the service of this larger purpose than we would ever do otherwise, even in the shadow of the monetary! Many times in the context of this community you become part of, you will find the experts you need to engage with, either for a project or for good, who also glimpse this vision and you can encourage each other, as well as gain a better understanding of each other’s strengths so you can help others, too.
Every single entrepreneur wants to succeed. Get a clearer understanding of how you can make that quantum leap in your business’ performance by looking at these three factors, and then get the help you need to make it happen.

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