The 5 Top Tested and Approved Posts for June!

 Kicking off the summer months with some TERRIFIC material covering ROI, opportunity discovery and various views on reaching the right Visitors/Audience/Customers/Community (VACC) for your business.

Who's your audience?

Do you know your Audience?

Growing on Social Media doesn’t mean quadrupling the number of times you post. It requires study, research, strategy and an understanding of the important metrics that drive your business online. That’s a lot to ask of a small business owner….this article by Jay Shemenski outlines 5 steps toward identifying the opportunities for your company. If this looks like something you need help, give us a call.

About page money

Losing $$$ with your “About” page?

So, about your “About“…there are a number of ways to go about building an About page on your web site that add to your attractiveness and sales, but, being a small business owner and not a marketer or professional copywriter, you take the “About” at it’s word and go “ME-ME-ME-ME!”. This is not the way to make prospects pick up the phone or fill out the contact form. In this article Tam Henderson provides some time-tested tips on changing that for the better.


Make your page MAGNETIC for the Right Folks!

There are two very important things to consider when marketing your business on Facebook:
  • What you are sending out
  • Who you are sending it to
So many clients I work with, when asked the question of you they are trying to reach with their posts, respond with some version of “everybody who wants to buy from me.” This is, frankly, a bit broad. In this article David Boutin goes DEEP into reaching out to the Right audience for you business.

7 reasons LIKES have little value

Don’t celebrate something that’s not really worth celebrating.

It’s true…..I STILL see way too many companies and organizations begging others to LIKE their Facebook, then celebrating 1,000/10,000/1,000,000 LIKES despite that very few visitors return and they have no conversions to sales (moving Visitors to Audience to Customers, and then to Community). In this article Jacky Tan not only covers why LIKES are not that big a deal nay more, but what companies should look at as being truly valuable.

5 Tools to measure ROI

5 Tools to measure ROI

ROI is routinely defined in financial terms, but ti can also be Return On Influence….engagements and relationships built with your customers. This article by Ana Gotter will introduce you to 5 tools that can help you figure this out for your business. Remember, measure what will actually impact your business results!

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