Top 5 Timely and Valuable Articles for July

Wow, that was fast!

There was all the hub-bub for the Fourth of July, then the flurry of political conventions, and now we’re at the end of the month and looking back at some of the really helpful articles that have been published across the web…..and there have been a LOT of them! Here are the top 5 I’ve read and know you will find useful:

Deleting your Social Media Biz Page

Throw it all away….or not?

You’ve tried every which way with Facebook and you’ve decided that the only way out is to delete the page altogether. Is this really a good idea? Are there any other options? This article by Brooke B. Sellas of B Squared Media will help you consider, and reconsider, this conundrum.

Hashtags on Facebook

To #Hashtag or Not to #Hashtag?

If you’ve moved beyond the “What are they good for?” discussion of hashtags, and have a handful you use effectively on you social media channels, you may still have some nagging questions about them: How many should I use? Where should they go? Should I use them all the time? Should I use them at all any more, since everyone seems to flood their posts with them and I don’t know if they are having the Top 5 Timely and Valuable Articles for July”discover” effect I want? In this article Andrew Hutchinson goes over some new research on this question.

Be More Human

Be More Human

Bryan Kramer raised the idea of Human-To-Human or #H2H marketing to much greater visibility and credibility within the marketing world. Mark Schaefer and his associate Dr. Ana Canhoto have published this article assessing new research that shows that #H2H really works.

Outperforming Video

VIDEO! Comin’ Atcha!

If you’re not aware of the growing impact of video online lately, you probably are not online very much. While images still catch a  lot of attention, video is the rising star and likely to garner even further notice as time goes on. In this article, Andrew Hutchinson lays out some more recent research that shows video blowing past all other kinds of content on Facebook….so what does this mean for your business?

Facebook Live Quick Start

Facebook Live: Will It Make You Happy?

Remember what I wrote earlier about video? Well, Facebook Live is THE tool (currently…) for getting your video up there and discoverable. Like all other content, it needs to be compelling, relevant, useful and entertaining. With video pretty much taking over the online world, the quality of the content is what will still drive engagement. This great Quick Start Guide by Jen Phillips April will give you some basics and get you started.

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