JULY’s Best – Blogs, Strategy and Design, and Thriving at Work!

July blogs strategy thriving

July is Blooming!

July’s Best brings some familiar themes: blogs, strategy and planning, and making best use of your resources…

Business Blogs

Business Blogs

Blogging for business is hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? This article digs into 6 reasons why you should include a blog in your marketing. Take note of the business benefits listed….the effort pays off!

Non-profit Social Media

Non-profit Social Media

While the title calls out the nonprofit audience for this article, consider this: most nonprofits have a Very Limited Budget with which to market themselves, and have to be extremely smart about using the resources they have. Sound like your business? Take some cues from this post and consider how they will work for you!

Social Media Posts

Get Noticed!!!

This isn’t your typical “listicle” about social media! There are some pretty granular tips, as well as a terrific infographic that assists in making the guidance simple to absorb. For example, did you know that adding a number at the beginning of the annotation for a post will increase engagement by 16%? There are a lot more goodies like that in this post!

The One Thing!

The One Thing!

Focus and bringing your attention back to the simple mission of your business can make what you choose to do every day move the needle. While your business should support your life, and not the other way round, this ONE THING is the foundation and engine of your business.

Thriving at Work

Thriving at Work

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, it is really quite easy to got immersed in keeping the ball moving and the lights on. Even important parts of the business like marketing, employee care and the ongoing agile shifts that today’s marketplace requires can get set aside “until I have time to get to it.” In this article, Valeria Maltoni investigates the “general depletion of energy spinning wheels on “want” and “should” that we all encounter”, and what we can do about it.

Stay cool out there!!!

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