Blogging – Speak If You Have Something to Say

A question I received this week was, “How often should a business post to their blog?” This is a very common question and usually driven by a small business owner’s fear of having to spend a lot of time creating the post and the frequency of posting for the effectiveness of the effort. In new bloggers’ nightmares, it takes hours to write a 400 word post and she has to do this every day. Neither of those is true.

Generally, consider your audience and what your goals are for blogging. Unless your goal is to provide something of real value to your readers, you will have a hard time justifying the resources, not to mention you will really only be adding to the white noise of the Internet. Content that is cranked out to fulfill some kind of arbitrary guideline is unlikely to be of the quality that will make the effort worthwhile for your readers or your business.

Don’t be ashamed if you just can’t seem to come up a great new post occasionally. Think about the possibilities of revisiting and reframing older posts or collecting some great posts you’ve read on a topic and commenting on them. Just make sure that what you post is useful and relevant (and maybe even entertaining!) to your readers so they make a point of coming back again the next time you post.

A common starting place is once a week. Any less and it will be harder for you and your readers to keep up interest. I’ve spoken to many who feel they just can’t do it once a week.  Fair enough, but, taking into account the difficulty of building up a good body of work and momentum, perhaps you might try twice a month.  Set a challenge, stick to it, and reward yourself for following through.  Just do what you can manage without slacking.

Here is a short list of blogs on blogging I’ve found particularly useful in my efforts:
Finally, to quote Jason Falls from a recent Tweet, “The best time to post is when you have content that doesn’t suck. Period.”

Words for the Wise.

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